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I started to write chbg, because I saw similiar program on some win9x computer and doesn't find any for X11. ChBg is used for changing destop background pictures with some period. Uses Raster's gdk_imlib1 or Imlib2 or gdk_pixbuf from GNOME or Gtk+-2.0 libraries for loading pictures, that means - you can load any picture format supported by those libraries. ChBg can display pictures in ten modes - tiled pictures, tiled mirrored pictures, integer tiled, integer mirrored, center tiled, symmetrical tiled, symetrical mirrored, maximized picture, cenetred picture with selected background color, and smart mode which displays centered scaled image with specified growing ratio and maximal taken area of screen. Each picture should have own settings for mode and period. As of version 0.6 there are implemeted several optional picture changing efects. As of version 0.8, chbg can make wonderfull background shading effects.

ChBg have nice configuration UI writen by using of GTK+1.2x libraries. Can handle configuration files simply created by graphical setup or can by started by using of commandline parameters.

ChBg now can act as screensaver (use -screesaver option) or can be used as xscreensaver hack (use option -xscreensaver). ChBg can do slideshow of pictures in own toplevel window , or you can redirect it to foreign windown with known windowid.

ChBg have very good picture viewing facilities with thumbnail previews and slideshow option. From thumbanil preview windows you can remove, rename, scale selected images or change formats of selected images.

Chbg support pictures with full alpha transparency when compiled with gdk_pixbuf or Imlib2.

As of version 1.3 ChBg supports three level composition of background pictures. On bottom level you can have tiled pictures optionaly shaded with one of several hundrets shading effects. In second higher level you can have any picture renderd in smart mode or centerd picture. And in third level you can have banner picture. All this composition support alpha chanels present in pictures. See example in screenshots page.

In version 1.5 and later is supported generation of pictures into file. That helps to get ChBg running with KDE2 and Natilus, because both paint tha desktop becaground with own settings and it is not possible simply force this programs to use background set to X desktop directly.

Last Update: Aug 08 17:00:00 MET 2001